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A photographer's perfect day in Telluride, Colorado

Alec Jacobson

Jan 3, 2019

From visiting cozy local coffee shops to hiking up snowy mountain slopes, here's a guide for the perfect day in Telluride.

After I made the groundbreaking discovery that I could work from anywhere in the world that had coffee and Wi-Fi, I packed my bags for Telluride.

Deep in the southwest corner of Colorado, this quintessential destination packs all the perks of ordinary mountain towns—ski slopes, scalable peaks, serene corners of urban escape, and historic neighborhoods—into an intimate locale. Visitors can experience all the highlights without driving anywhere.

Tucked up a San Juan Mountain box canyon, Telluride features a ski lift that drops into town and a spiraling network of single-track and old mining roads in all directions. Such mobility allows me to pack in a full day’s work and, as soon as I’m done, to hit the trail running, biking, skiing, or backpacking with almost no transition time. Not to mention, with proximity to desert oases like Moab, Indian Creek, and Canyons of the Ancients, I can easily change scenery entirely with just a short drive.

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