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The Best Ski Town Breweries and Distilleries

Brandon Perlman

Dec 29, 2020

The ultimate guide to wetting your whistle in between runs.

Drinking and ski culture goes as far back as combining the words après and ski.

Although COVID-19 safety guidelines and mandates have changed how people are enjoying the slopes this season, ski town breweries and distilleries across the country are adapting on the fly and making it possible to enjoy an ‘adult beverage’ or cultured cocktail alongside the downhill. From local brews, to barrel aged cocktails, ultra-distilled vodkas, limited production schnapps, and more visiting these spots to taste their wears makes for the perfect “off-mountain” activity.

I am happy to report that many of our favorites are still alive and well. Next time you visit make sure to show your support (and be sure to call ahead of time to confirm opening hours & policies).

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